Skin Laundry Mask


Volcano Ash’s self heated activation function which cleanse your pores.

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Love it!
Love it!
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Volcano Ash’s self heated activation function which cleanse your pores.‘Skin Laundry Mask’ is effective as a self heated activation mask for complex skin problems like overactive sebum, acute acne, whitehead, blackhead, pore dead cell skin and dark skin-Once you apply it onto your skin, it activates making the heat to open pores and deep cleanse inside of pores and the surface of the skin and 3 kinds of volcano ashes removes while absorbing impurities, dead skin sell, sebum and inflammation

Ingredients: Volcanic ashes, Bentonite, Kaolin: Excellent sebum absorptive power than charcoal that removes sebum and impurities inside of pores

Size: 100ml

How To Use

Apply it on cleansed face except for eyes and mouth area. If you apply it softly while rubbing then that feels smooth. At this time, massage your face for 2~3 minutes to heat up and leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off with warm water


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