Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and we do not try to obtain any information from any visitor’s computer while this site is visited, nor does our site require, store or call for “cookies” to allow access to it.

We respect and comply with the principles of personal data privacy and the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013, as amended from time to time, in the obtaining, use, storage and disposal of all personal data involving any data subject.

We will not send unsolicited information though we will send information and newsletters to any person who specifically requests this.

Should any user specifically choose to subscribe to any of our online services but subsequently wants to stop receiving any communications from us, we will immediately remove that person’s details from any applicable mailing list and destroy any personal data held as a result of the original subscription request.

We will only provide access to personal data we hold to any other person or organisation if directed to do so by an order of court enforceable in South Africa or are otherwise obliged to do so in terms of a South African statute or if specifically mandated to do so by any client who is the data subject in question.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of anyone who communicates with us. We would appreciate if anyone who is aware of any intrusion from another party arising from information it is believed we hold advises us immediately of any such suspected breach.

We cannot, however, guarantee the privacy approach of any site that may be linked to this one or which is cross-referenced to from this site. Please check any other site’s privacy and use policies carefully before proceeding.

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