There’s no doubt that Korean beauty has completely shaken up and taken over the international beauty industry. But, what is all the hype about? What has our favourite house hold brands adapting and in some cases even copying Korean formulations and innovations?

A mixture of ancient traditions and modern technology

To answer all of this we would have to go back to the beginning. It’s no secret that Asian beauty traditions are famous for their natural and effective treatments of both internal and external conditions. Think about super foods like turmeric or the glowing effects of rice water on the skin. Beauty extends further than just the outward appearance, within Asian cultures the appearance of the skin and hair are indications of the overall health of the person. Fast forward a few thousand years, with the help of scientific developments these ‘old traditions’ have been perfected and adapted for the modern world.  Beauty of Joseon is an amazing example of this mixture! The brand uses key ingredients  and techniques from the Joseon era paired with modern tech to create natural hanbang products.

Skin First

Korean beauty follows the ‘Skin First’ principle, which as the name suggests, places the health and maintenance of the skin above makeup. The Korean skincare routine also requires commitment to your skincare with a preventative approach rather than the misleading idea of an all-in-one miracle product that claims to fix all your problems over night. The hyped up Korean 10 step skincare routine assists in attaining the goal of glowing skin. This routine focuses on proper cleansing to remove impurities and the layering of different types of products to ensure optimal results and maximum absorption of their beneficial ingredients.

Skincare is always evolving

Skincare brands from South Korea have wide ranges of products within their product offering to ensure that all skin concerns are catered for, this allows for a custom routine that will best suit you as an individual. Skincare is extremely subjective and thus brands have adapted to this, ensuring that there is something for you specifically. Brands have also extensively and continuously research to improve and modify their products to deliver only the best and latest innovations in skincare.

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Jiveshen Moodley

Jiveshen Moodley


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