2020 has seen the some of the most challenging and daunting times in many if our lives. With our current global pandemic, it can sometimes become incredibly challenging to focus on our mind, bodies & soul, leaving us feeling mentally and physically drained. This is where we believe the concept of self-love should come in and be a staple in one’s skincare regime as it can lift our spirits. We strongly believe that self care shouldn’t be a reward at the end of the week but rather a frequent ritual of self love. Luxe Loft is home to the well renowned Spa Brand, Shangpree, which focuses on providing products which allows you to have a luxurious, pampering experience in the comfort of your own home.

Eye Masks

Shangpree’s Eye Masks should be a staple in everyone’s self-care regime as each eye mask is made of impeccable quality hydrogel soaked in various serums formulated with high concentrates of marine collagen, black pearl extracts, ginseng berry and gold which effectively aid in moisturising, brightening and lifting the eye contour. What is most impressive about these eye patches is that they are multifunctional as they can be used all over the face and neck as an effective way of targeting signs of dehydration, ageing and even pigmentation. These luxurious patches are packaged in tubs of 60 (30 pairs) as well as single pairs which are perfect for travel! For optimal results, we suggest to use them at least 3-4 times a week.

Shangpree eye masks

Modeling Masks:

Shangpree’s rich modeling masks are specifically formulated with luxurious ingredients such as spirulina, snail mucin and chlorella which aid in moisturising and calming sensitive skin, as well as Asian botanicals gold which are key ingredients in firming and revitalising tired, dull skin. These inventive masks involve a 2-step process which consists of mixing a gel-solution together with a powdered formula to create the most indulgent mask which is then applied to the face. This mask then dries into a rubber like consistency which is peeled off at the end of your masking session – just like at Shangpree’s Spa.

Shangpree modeling mask mixture

Shangpree’s Pore Tightening Mask:

When it comes to clogged, enlarged pores, Shangpree’s Pore Tightening mask is perfect. It is carefully formulated to absorb impurities and excel oil as it consists of gentle clay. Other ingredients in the mask include green tea oil and aloe which aid in protecting, calming and hydrating the skin. For optimum results, use twice a week. 

(Available here for R310)

Shangpree pore tightening mask

Shangpree’s Fresh Peeling Mask:

Harsh chemical exfoliants can tend to irritate and leave skin feeling dry and damaged, luckily Shangpree has created a lush Fresh Peeling Mask. Formulated with ingredients such as lactic acid, this works to gently exfoliate, while other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid effectively hydrates the skin.

(Available here for R430)

Shangpree fresh peeling mask

Shangpree’s Marine Jewel & Aroma Blend Collection:

Not to mention, Shangpree has a superb collection of sheet masks to add into your routine. The Marine Jewel collection is perfect as it intensively hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving it looking ultra glowy and luminous. While the Aroma Blend range focuses on moisturising and calming the skin as it is formulated flower oils and extracts. 

Marine jewel sheet mask collection

(Aroma Blend range available here for R60 each)

Shangpree Aroma Blend sheet masks

We have an extensive range of products that have been carefully curated for all your skincare and beauty needs. Shop our wide array of products here on our website, on Take A Lot and in store at We Are Egg Cavendish!

Our products cater to whatever skin concern you may have but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us at info@luxeloft.co.za if you would like any guidance in curating and customising your skincare routine! 

All our products have been tested by us to ensure that only the best is available for you to try. Whether you are a skincare newbie or a self proclaimed skincare junkie, we are here to guide and assist you on this journey to glowing skin. 

Salma Cassimjee

Salma Cassimjee

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